Re: F3 Meeting, 19-22 Feb 2019, San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Dear Invitee,

The F3 Team has been working since 2015 to encourage innovation of ‘fish-free’ substitutes for fishmeal with an upcoming meeting focused on the availability of a key strategic ingredient, ‘fish-free fish oil’, that is the subject of the latest F3 (Future of Fish Feed) Challenge.

We are holding an invitation-only meeting that will take place at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel, from Feb. 19 to 22, 2019. The purpose of the meeting is to showcase ingredients that are substitutes for fishmeal or fish oil in aquaculture feeds, and also highlight the perspectives and progress among major feed companies in fishmeal and fish oil substitution. Expected outcomes of the conference include:

  1. heightened awareness of alternatives and substitute ingredients among aquafeed companies
  2. opportunities for procurement and partnerships to accelerate the adoption of substitutes

Confirmed participants include Alltech from the US, Marine Harvest from Norway, several of the largest aquafeed companies from China (Evergreen, Tongwei) and Alpha Feed and Dainichi from Japan. As in 2017, the meeting will bring alternative ingredient suppliers together with buyers (feed companies, large aquaculture farms), industry analysts, sustainability rating organizations, media, NGOs and experts. The tentative agenda is below.

Other invitees include key players in aquaculture feed, promising suppliers of substitutes for fishmeal and fish oil, since they will make a large difference in the survival of forage fish, aquaculture and global food security. We are excited to invite you to participate at our upcoming meeting and to network with the participants.

There will be no charge to attend the meeting. We will offer rooms nearby at a reduced rate, and provide transportation to and from the San Francisco airport, and transportation services during the event.

We hope that the increased exposure to substitute ingredients will assist the aquaculture industry to thrive in the long-run.

If you would like to attend, please email the meeting organizers at with the names and emails of those attendees. Last year, the meeting was truly global and we were slightly oversubscribed, so we encourage you to save your spot quickly!

Best Regards,
F3 Team



Goal: To accelerate replacement of fishmeal and fish oil with alternatives in aquaculture feeds.  Motivate and Inspire.

Who: Alternative ingredient suppliers, Buyers (feed company designers, large aquaculture farms), industry analysts, sustainability rating organizations, NGOs and experts.

Agenda Topics:

  • Status of forage fisheries:  the replacement problem is urgent
  • Success stories in fish oil and fishmeal replacement:
    • Presentations from F3 Contestants creating substitutes for fish oil, Aquafeed companies, and Aquafarms
  • Potential Lunch at Google X
  • Investors at all tiers:  Early to Mid-Stage, Mid-Stage to Late-Stage
  • Innovative Ingredient Feed Fair
  • A look into the future of Synthetic Biology, Tours of Silicon Valley pioneers
  • Global attendance:  China, Japan, SE Asia, Norway, South Africa, Australia
  • Brainstorming sessions, Sustainable Seafood dinners, and more!